"I will always give the credit to the people who surrounded me at the beginning of my career and Mary McCusker was definitely one of them. I went to her for guidance in approaching material. She helped me book some of my very first jobs in LA, and my first TV series Aaron Stone. I sometimes wonder where I'd be if I hadn't met her." - David Lambert  | The Fosters, Aaron Stone, Psych

"I've known and worked with Mary for over fifteen years. She's a wonderful, dedicated coach. Her passion, creativity and wit are nothing short of inspiring. My life is richer both personally and professionally as a result." --Jonathan Taylor Thomas | Home Improvement, The Lion King, The Last Man Standing


 " Thank you Mary for helping me get the part on The Fosters! You are such a wonderful coach and always know how help me bring a character to life."  - Jasmine Alveran | The Fosters, Parenthood, Michael Jackson's "This is It"                     

What I have learned in the January Intensive:
1. The camera does not lie.  2. Active listening is very important on camera. 3. With the right coaching, everything is possible. 4. Repetition really helps to stay in the moment and not being in your head.  5. The pace of comedy and the different characters in comedy. 6. Certain characters are harder to play than others. 7. Having a background story does helps you to be in tune with the director.  It gave me confidence. I was stressed before performing on camera but I was able to manage my stress in a positive way. "                                      --Marie Laure, Actress

Mary McCusker is a talented and well respected acting coach in this industry. Her passion guarantees that her students reach their highest potential. She allows her actors to shine and her students love her…and as managers, we do also!
— Myrna Lieberman and Ashley Doss | Myrna Lieberman Management

Mary is truly an amazing coach. Since I started working with Mary I have grown so much as an actor and as a person. She has taught me to be strong, vulnerable, funny, brave and to "own my power" in every scene.  I learn something new and valuable every time we work together. When I have an audition and I want to make it the best it can be, I know all it needs is a little Mary Magic! She has taught me to believe in myself and to believe in each character that I play. I love working with her and I can't wait to learn more from her for years to come! :)

-Sloane Avery | Teen Wolf, MOM, Don Jon, It's always sunny in Philadelphia, Fallen Angel.

Mary is the consummate professional who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend under any circumstances. The equation of her experience and honesty combined with her guidance and insight equal results with the best possible outcome every time.
— Trice Koopman, Mangement

Mary is one of the most astoundingly gifted teachers in Hollywood. She will make you a better actor. Truly an invaluable resource to anyone pursuing acting.

-Eric Schwan | Actor

Thanks for a great weekend! It was probably one of the best workshops I've done. I was really struck by what a talented group of people were present. I felt that it really boosted my confidence to be able to keep up with such talented actors, many of whom are booking jobs. - Danielle Gregorie | Actress

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Mary has a brilliant way of helping you develop your character.  With her I can explore my character thoroughly so that in an audition or on set I can be free to play.  She helps me bring myself to every project allowing me to always give my best unique performance.  Working with her gives me confidence when I need to make changes on the fly and allows me to bring my best performance every time.

  -Venus Thomas | Family Matters , Sister, Sister , Salute Your Shorts  &  Bold and the Beautiful.


"Mary knows exactly how to talk to actors to break down their barriers and help them open up emotionally in a truthful and inspiring way. She has an incredible way of guiding actors to their strongest choices without having to force anything that can't come up naturally. I have never felt more comfortable and confident going into an audition than when I work with Mary." -Lauren Buckley | Actress

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"Working with Mary has been one of the most fun, most personally insightful, most fulfilling experiences I’ve had with a teacher of any kind. Along with her wisdom from experience spanning work on dozens of TV shows, movies and classical theatrical training, she brings a unique personal touch that is both understanding and challenging." -Mackenzie Parker | Sons of Anarchy, Agent X

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“Mary has really helped me with feeling natural on camera, and getting into my character. I always enjoy my coachings with her, live and Skype.”  -Sophia | Actress